Amlan Barai

Amlan Barai

Hello, and welcome to my website!!…..
This page is all about….. well, partly about ME!! The name is Amlan, which I’ve to admit, people outside West Bengal would have a hard time come up with right pronunciation.
Anyway, I love Painting, Photography, creating digital content, Graphic designing, web designing (and a bunch of other things). NO!! I’m not a professional in any of those field!! in fact, the stuff you are be browsing in my website are pretty much my hobby and I mostly do them in my spare time. Also I never had a professional or academic training in any of those field. Though I have a bunch of certificates and a few trophy I achieved through some of them. As for profession concern, I am a graduate student, and still pursuing my higher studies (and this site is none about that of that).
I’ve started sketching from a young age with basic charcoal and pencil drawings, and I still love doing it.
I’ve started designing primarily as a part of photo editing and photo manipulation. Then later on I have extended it up to Graphic designing, Video editing and composition along with basic character animation, Audio editing and sound mixing, basic Cinematography, 2D and 3D Modelling, Web Designing and development (HTML5, CSS, Java Script, PHP) and Basic Game Designing and Development (Unity game engine).


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